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NASA Be A Martian is an open-source project written in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7. Hosted on Windows Azure and Azure DataMarket, Be A Martian is a community for those who want to become Martian citizens, or are just interested in exploring the Red Planet.

Be A Martian features numerous ways to explore and learn about Mars:

"View" area: here you can check out stunning Mars images, watch videos and animations of future Mars missions.
"Participate" area: this is where we utilize crowdsourcing to allow the public to add to worldwide understanding of Mars by tagging rover images and mapping craters from satellite pictures.
"Learn" area: features here include Mars related news, and a question-and-answer forum that was built using the free Microsoft Townhall framework. More info on Microsoft TownHall can be found at
"Explore" area: a deep-zoom enabled map of the Red Planet with interesting summaries of each different region of Mars.

Be a Martian was created under a Memorandum of Understanding between NASA/JPL-Caltech and Microsoft. The website can be found at

Screenshots are below.

Start Screen  View  Be A Martian 

Be A Martian  Be A Martian  Be A Martian

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